High-tech cup wheel generator for mass-production- 4 interpolated axes + accessory stations. Specially made for processing RX mass-production of surfaces in hard materials (mineral glass, sapphire glass, aluminum, ceramic, etc.). CUT TO POLISH for all types of organic materials with PCD wheels. Total recovery of the elliptical error also in mineral glass (CC surfaces). Integrated bevel station for glass or organic lenses. Integrated lens diameter reduction station. Integrated lens thickness centesimal control sensor and integrated wheel wear recovery procedure. Integrated self-lubrication unit. Accuracy of working axes in the order of one thousandth of millimeter, management software with graphical user interface in Windows with touch screen monitor. Equipped with DataBase for the storage of worked lenses and lens-holder parameters. It can be equipped with a Bar Code reader for automatic data acquisition. Remote connection software with the manufacturer for remote diagnostics with integrated USB modem. Optional Automatic device for loading / unloading lenses available in two versions: for standard lenses (single lens) or in the prescription laboratory version (2 lenses box). Types of surfaces: all revolution forms: spherical, aspherical, toric, prismatic, optical prisms, special lenses for watches, refractive mirrors, precision planes, etc.