COMES, has developed and offers to the customers the opportunity of remote technology service COMES RA
Thanks to remote assistance, for customers who have a good internet connection, it is possible to provide the technical assistance service of the machines directly from our Customer Service Center without one of our technicians having to go to your laboratory.
The remote dedicated Ubiquity software assistance will allow to enter in touch with customer’s operator thanks to a Wi-Fi camera and speakers and take the full control of your machine PC.
In this way our CSC will be as if it were in front of your machine! Thanks to remote access at your computer (using only an internet connection), we will be able to cooperate to solve the problems saving time and efforts.
Our technician will work on your machine PC as if it were in front of your workstation.
We will also be able to produce remote lenses and verify all machine errors as well as the status of all the Input / Output machine sensors.
The COMES RA package includes a Wi-Fi camera that allows the visual connection with the COMES operator at our service based in our head quarter in Italy.


Machines running & test

Access, debug and PC/PLCs programming to automatic devices

Application changes and updates

Access to Ethernet and Serial subnets

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Remote desktop, remote process viewer, file management, chat …

Safety certified in compliance with IEC 62443 regulations.

Proprietary VPN optimized for industrial communication

Integrated firewall with complete traffic control

Complete and detailed audit of all operations for managing the account and the activities carried out in the assistance sessions.

Support for multiple monitor systems and Windows Server systems with multiple RDP sessions.

Automatic check for updates to the Control Center, Runtime and Router and update schemas.

Available for Win 32/64 and Win CE platforms (100% functionality in both S.O.)

Complete user profiling with sophisticated management of access rights and permissions.