Ultra-precision Lathe based on a monoblock in natural granite, insulated from the steel frame by an anti-vibration passive system, to guarantee the best thermal stability and the damping of the disturbing frequencies.

2 cutting tools for roughing and finishing operations (lens curve and diameter reduction) for making contact lenses (Soft, RGP and PMMA), IOLs and non-ferrous tools.

(further tools available on demand)

The linear movement of the X and Y axes is totally free of friction thanks to ultra-precision pneumostatic support technology, based on the latest generation of Iron Less linear motors, with resolution and repeatability lower than 0.02 μm, allowing speeds up to 6000 mm./min.

Air bearing Brushless Lens Spindle thermally stabilized (from 0 to 12000 RPM – air cooled), for the best precision in position control and free from friction or rolling rotation. Angular precision <0.005 °.

Lens clamp system with pneumatic locking integrated in the same spindle.

My-Con Touch device for automatic detection of lens thickness, does not require machine setting.

Set tool position faster and easier thanks to high precision micrometric adjusting devices.

Proprietary machine control technology COMES, based on direct access to OS, it guarantees the control of the position of the axes in less than 20 micro seconds, for a better geometric and cosmetic precision of the final shape.

Latest generation industrial PC with dedicated user-friendly interface, based on Windows 7 operating system, with LCD screen, wireless mouse and keyboard.

Processing result: Ready to use lens (polishing is not required (1)).

SOFTWARE INCLUDED: C-TECH for IOL and contact lenses, to generate symmetrical surfaces of revolution: spherical, aspherical, multi-spherical (2,3,4,5,6 curves), Multifocal / Progressive.

Integrated working database for tools and Macro.

Note: 1 for suitable materials and forms