A high Capacity new Generator Concept for mineral glass and organic lens Prescription laboratories; fast and advantageous.
3 interpolated axis with manual lens loading/unloading.
Able to produce Cut to polish surfaces on shapes and materials allowed it has been specially designed for both working RX prescription lenses and mass-production of surfaces in hard materials (mineral glass, sapphire glass, aluminum, ceramic, etc.). Complete elimination of elliptic error on mineral glass too.
Chamfering, diameter reduction also in elliptic shape, optional pre-shape integrated in generating process. Precision of working axis in micron, managing software with Windows graphic interface. It can be equipped with Bar Code scanner for working with automatic data acquirement. Provided with Remote connection for diagnostic on line by integrated USB modem. Typology of working: High-speed wheel revolution and high precision linear motors: SMALL IMPACT can produce spherical, toric, Cylindrical, aspherical, prismatic and saddle surfaces.
Optional features permit to realize also: optical prisms, watch special lenses in sapphire, medical refraction mirrors.