Robotized line for the processing of semi-finished spherical lenses in mineral glass. The line is composed of a generating unit, a lapping unit and two polishing units, suitable for the mass-production of semi-finished lenses (worked on one of the two surfaces – CX or CC indifferently).
The line may be equipped with automatic loading device model LF/6 and different types of lens release units (DR/POL-1, DR/POL-2, SC/LENS-2).
The work cycle is full automated from the loading of the raw blank to the release in baskets for washing of the polished lens.
The complete automatism of the line reduces manpower necessity; a single operator can check 3/4 lines simultaneously.
Each unit is equipped with programmable user interface of dedicated CNC type.
Optional data and work statistics collection and storage software with possibility of data exchange RS232 is available on request.
The line is used, besides for the production of semi-finished lenses, also for the processing of glass molds for CR39.