Z-LAB – Lens Management System By Comes

The LMS software Z-LAB by COMES is the easy and immediate technical instrument that allows the automation of the laboratory and of the lens surfacing process. The work process is now completely automated and controlled by PC, starting from the calculation of the prescription, to the passage of machines data as well as the choice of the correct semi-finished lens from relevant databases and the identification of the appropriate tools. The three-dimensional dynamic view of the lens project, with the explanation of all the geometric parameters of the shape thicknesses, completes the information of the product before to work it. All technical aspects are considered and calculated appropriately. The creation of a lens is no longer based on pure optical calculation but is the result of multiple factors such as optimization on the frame, the lightening of the thicknesses, the optimization of the pre-shaping form, as well as all the parameters that give not only a better appearance to the lens product but an indisputable added value.


  • Software updates, including: ergonomic user interface improvements, computation time optimization, new features, set of parameters for new designs.
  • Helpline.
  • Customized interfaces for third-party software (LMS, LDS, Computing, etc) on request.