The COMES Company is one of the leading world suppliers and long-lived Company of processing machinery for the Optical fields.
Since 1936 COMES offers its customers a complete range of machinery, accessories, tools,
know-how, consumer materials and technical services to improve the people’s comfort and quality of life in the use of ophthalmological accessories and instruments.

Produce ever more efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly technologies to grant the
state of the art for the users and the best Return on Reputation.

To compete on the market following the principles of loyalty, integrity and honesty,
developing mutual interest relationships between the company and the clients.

Our current fields of application for the optical market are:


  • Ophthalmic & Prescription Surfacing: FreeForm & Standard RX
  • Ophthalmic & Optical Surfacing for Mass Production: Surfacing of mineral and crystal glass for Sunglass; production of molds for CR/39 injection; processing of steel molds for injection of plastic polymers.
  • Precision Optics Surfacing: Lapping and Polishing of special glass & plastic lenses; refraction mirror; hard glasses for watches; quartz for electronic applications;
  • Shaping / Edging of Ophthalmic Optics.
  • Industrial Shaping / Edging of lenses for Mass Production (Solar Crystals, Protective Lenses, Optical Masks)
  • PVD Coating: Machines for sublimation and deposition of nano-film of metals for Antireflection, Coloring, Mirroring, Hydrophobic, Top & Super Top-Cost treatments.
  • Contact Lens & IOL Lens: Lathes & Polisher for the production of Rigid, Semi-rigid and Gas-Permeable lenses & Intraocular Lenses.
The customer’s need becomes priority for us and the customization & the development of special machinery is our job.
We aim at the continuous improvement and optimization of the engineering and production processes.
The precision of the mechanical constructions becomes objective of reference in the construction of the machinery in the optical field.
The new technologies must be rapidly exploited to encourage the progress of our work, as regards the times and quality of the processed product, without ever forgetting the foundations of our mission: reliability, strength and safety that have always distinguished our products.
Our program does not stop at the mechanical constructions as each day the automation of the production cycle, the automation software (user interface) or the production management software (which manages the optical laboratories) must be considered integral part of a work project.
Our customer service policy takes into consideration the needs for availability of the consumer materials and spare parts.
Our technical assistance service operates, in fact, to meet these needs with the greatest speed. We guarantee the availability of all the machine spare parts for at least 10 years from purchase.