COMES develops the most modern generation of Vacuum Coating Machines for sunglass and optical lenses.

Three new Coaters are available for small, medium and large productions.

Improvement of the cycle time (reduction up to 20%) grants a higher production capacity thanks also to the dedicated Software that permits the intuitive and reliable use of the whole system through a user-friendly interface.

The integration of the high quality components and the Management philosophy grant a substantial optimization of the cycle cost.

COMES offers the last generation processes to realize the best quality in Coating Treatments for all lens materials.

The whole COMES knowledge and technological expertise comes from more than 30 years Engineering experiences in the Vacuum Coating.

COMES was founded in 1936 and with more than 80 years of history we are able to satisfy all your exigencies for your business success in a complete and integrated system for Lens Productions and RX Laboratories.